Driven by our vision “People who stay and become healthy with the help of nature and a modern healthcare system that supports them in this aim” we provide target group-specific, living world-related offers and effectiveness-tested programs. Our goal is to motivate people to adopt a healthy lifestyle that is easy to implement, increases vitality and quality of life.

The IM-WALD-SEIN®️ INSTITUTE FOR FOREST MEDICINE AND FOREST THERAPY (IWSI) is committed to the application and further development of evidence- and science-based forest medicine and forest therapy. With our commitment and our programs, we contribute to establishing forest bathing and forest therapy in German-speaking countries as significant health policy instruments of a modern prevention and health strategy.

IWSI stands for supreme expertise and genuine services in the field of forests and health. Having started out as pioneers of shinrin yoku in German-speaking countries, we have grown into a multidisciplinary, international institute, currently comprising nine specialist areas that focus on different target groups. We provide quality-tested programs of the highest quality and proven effectiveness. IWSI specializes in healthcare-related professions and working fields as well as in lifestyle-related preventative care. Our customers include leading rehabilitation facilities and players in the health tourism industry.

Every person has their own nature and individual access to nature. We want to promote and support both. That is why we have developed the IM-WALD-SEIN®️ method, an empowering tool that addresses humans as biophilic, multi-sensory beings. The IM-WALD-SEIN®️ method suits a variety of settings and is a complementary form of therapeutic care plans. Alongside the diverse salutogenic effects, the IM-WALD-SEIN®️ method motivates users to adopt a health-promoting lifestyle.

The affiliated IM-WALD-SEIN®️ Academy addresses professions and institutions in the health sector, providing first-hand knowledge from science and practice coupled with an application-oriented teaching and learning concept. Our blended learning courses combine the effectiveness and flexibility of electronic forms of learning with the social aspects of face-to-face communication as well as practical learning of practice-relevant skills.

In our view, the cooperation with INFOM is another important step towards achieving our vision. In contrast to other countries, shinrin yoku and forest therapy in German-speaking countries are not yet being recognized as significant policy instruments of a modern (public) healthcare strategy. Given the many proven benefits that this form of naturopathic treatment can provide for mental, emotional and physical well-being and its cost-effectiveness, we believe this is wrong. With our awareness raising work as the German Chapter of INFOM, we aim to help in correcting this mistake.

Contact and further Information
Dr. jur. Melanie H. Adamek, Head of the IM-WALD-SEIN®️ Institute for Forest Medicine and Forest Therapy, INFOM-certified Forest Health Expert, Vice Chairperson of the Specialty Committee of Forest Health Maintenance Research of WFCMS (World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies)

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Completion Report Walking Forest Therapy Roads® with a Doctor in 2016 operation year.

Completion Report Walking Forest Therapy Roads® with a Doctor in 2016 operation year.