"Walking Forest Therapy Roads ® with a doctor" in Japan

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Last Updated:September 30, 2016

"Walking Forest Therapy Roads ® with a Doctor" is a special event subsidized by the National Fund for Forest Greenery and Waters which is under the auspices of the National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization, a public interest Incorporated Association. The event will allow subjects to efficiently experience the medically proven healing effects of forests through forest-based activities such as bathing, walking, sit- and-seeing, and simply laying down.

The event will be held at several Forest Therapy Roads ® locations selected from amongst the total of 60 existing Roads nationwide after tests were conducted on the efficacy of the participating forests by measuring the stress hormone levels of subjects.

As the event will be actively monitored by Doctors, we welcome the participation of people who lead ordinary yet stressful lives and especially those with lifestyle-related illnesses, digestive diseases or cancers.

We invite you to experience the effects of spending time in a beneficial forest environment and witness the resultant reductions in stress levels and increases in NK-cell and adiponectin protein measurements, all of which are proven to help inhibit lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes. Why don't you come and experience for yourself the beneficial effects of these forest walks by measuring your stress levels both before and after the planned activities and thereby come to realize the power and importance of forests ?


Sunday, 18th September, 2016 Agematsu

Akasawa Natural Recreation Forests, Shinshu Kiso Agematsu
Agematsu town, Nagano Prefecture

Meeting time & place09:30 am at the Akasawa Natural Recreation Forests
Person in charge Mr. Yohei Oguchi, Management Planning Section,
Purser Department, Nagano Prefectural Kiso Hospital
Phone : 0264-22-2703
Email :
Participation fee: 5,500 yen

Sunday, 2nd October, 2016 Chizu Town

The River Headwaters Forest which nurtures the Tottori Sand Dunes
Chizu Town, Tottori Prefecture

Meeting time & place:09:45 am at Chizu Town General Information Center
( very close to JR Chizu Station)
Person in charge: Mr. Toshiyuki Harada, Mr. Kudo at Chizu Town Tourist Association
Phone : 0858-76-1111
Facsimile : 0858-76-1112
Participation fee: 2,000 yen

Saturday, 8th October, 2016  Yamanouchi Town

Shiga Kogen, the Highlands of Beautiful Forests
Yamanouchi Town, Nagano Prefecture

Meeting time & place: 9:00 am at Yudanaka Station
Person in charge:s. Yoko Kitazawa, Arable Land and Forestry Sub-Section
Agricultural and Forestry Section, Yamanouchi Town Office
Phone : 0269-33-3112
Email :
Participation fee: 3,000 yen

Saturday, 15th or Sunday 16th October, 2016 Yusuhara

Yusuhara ~ the Town Above the Clouds
Yusuhara Town, Kochi Prefecture

Please ask for details of the event, such as meeting time & place from:
Person in charge : Mr. Kawamura, Forestry Administration sub-Section,
Industry Promotion Section, Yusuhara Town Office
Phone : 0889-65-1250
Email :

Thursday, 3rd November (National Holiday), 2016 Okutama

Okutama Healing Forest of Gigantic Trees
Okutama Town, Tokyo

Meeting time & place : 10:00 am at Okutama station, JR Ome Line
Person in charge:Mr. Tokuo, Okutama Promotion Foundation,
1421-2 Hikawa, Okutama Town, Nishitama-Gun, Tokyo
Phone : 0428-83-8855
Facsimile : 0428-83-8856

1. Saturday, 5th November to Sunday 6th November 2016 and
2. Saturday, 19th November to Sunday 20th November 2016 Uenomura

Nature-walk of Nakanosawa River Headwaters area
Uenomura, Gunma Prefecture

Please inquire details of the event such as meeting time & place to followings:

Target participants: Doctors, nurses, stress-check system professionals such as health welfare professionals
Meeting times & places: 4:00 pm at JR Takasaki station
6:30 pm at Uenomura House of Nature for experience and learning
Person in charge :Mr. Mieda, Uenomura Industry Information Center
310-1 Narahara, Uenomura, Tano-gun, Gunma Pref.
Phone : 0274-20-7072
Email :
Participation fee: 15,000 yen which includes costs for lodging with 3 meals,
lecture fee, forest therapy participation fee and accident insurance premium.

Sunday, 4th December, 2016 Kitago Town

Hometown of Healing, Cherry Town Kitago
Kitago Town, Nichinan City, Miyazaki Prefecture

Meeting time & place : 9:30 am at Inohae Footbath Hot Springs.
Person in charge : Mr. Taniguchi, Gonharu NPO
Phone : 0987-55-2700
Participation fee: 2,000 yen

One more event (schedule to be announced) Shiso city, Hyogo Prefecture


-Participation fee includes cost of shuttle, guide fee, stress check fee and forest therapy lunch box.
- Application to participate or any inquiry on the event should be made 10 days prior to the each scheduled date.

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Completion Report Walking Forest Therapy Roads® with a Doctor in 2016 operation year.

Completion Report Walking Forest Therapy Roads® with a Doctor in 2016 operation year.