An Interview on Forest bathing from NBC TV will be on air on July 31

Last Updated:Jul 30, 2021

Dr. Qing Li, the vice-president of INFOM received an interview on Forest Bathing in Tokyo from NBC TV and He received the following mail from the producer of the program as follows:
Hello Dr Li,

The story will air in the US on Saturday 7/31 on a tv program called OZONE. It airs on almost all NBC stations across the country in the half hour that leads into the Primetime Olympics coverage in the evening. If you have friends in the US, make sure they look out for it for you!
Many thanks, Dr. Li,


The following mail is from the producer for the interview request.
Hello Dr. Qing Li,

Your meaningful work in the area of shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, is fascinating and I’m writing to you in regards to that area of your work.
My name is Stephanie Himango, and I’m a television producer from NBC Olympics in the United States, and I’m currently writing to you from Tokyo where I am part of a team here to cover the Olympic Games (in a Covid-safe way).
We are interested in doing a short story about forest bathing that would air on NBC stations in the United States, and I wanted to request an interview with you on the subject. Are you currently in Tokyo?
We would be very grateful to talk with you on camera in English, perhaps have you and a correspondent and crew interact in a physically distant way outdoors (maybe at the forested areas near/around the Meiji Shrine), to talk about the curative effects of forest bathing.
Please let us know your thoughts and if you’d be open to this request. I’ve cc’d my colleagues here in Tokyo on this message.
Please reply all, and we look forward to hearing from you.
Stephanie Himango
NBC Olympics

(Reported by Qing Li)
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Completion Report Walking Forest Therapy Roads® with a Doctor in 2016 operation year.

Completion Report Walking Forest Therapy Roads® with a Doctor in 2016 operation year.