Last Updated:Jun 2, 2021

Hello Dear Dr Li,
I hope you are doing well.

I wanted to let you know that our Symposium was a complete success!!
We were able to reach thousands of people that for the very first time listened about forest bathing and the importance of Vitamin N and reconnecting with Nature.

Our Facebook page shows almost than 20.000 views on the 3 days of broadcasting of the Symposium.

Here is the link for the YouTube version, in case you have a Spanish speaker that could be interested on listening to it.

Dr Li, the Symposium was our first step, but we at the Garden want to continue growing knowledge around the importance of reconnecting with mother nature. So we are ready to begin our own research and to contribute with scientific information about the benefits of forest therapy . We have now 2 certified forest therapy guides and a local clinic director has expressed her interested in doing together a research with one of her cardiovascular rehabilitation group. So our idea is to include one forest therapy session per week in top of the 2 rehabilitation session for 3 months. Take some measurements before and after each session and compere from day 1 to day 12. In that order of ideas, could you please share with me some imputes of what (or how) would you like us to measure so this data is compatible with yours? Could you also please send me some links to your articles as guidance for our project formulation?

Thank you again for all your teachings and help on this matter.
Paola Rodriguez - Silva

The Bogota Botanical Garden and the Colombian Heart Foundation organized a VITAMIN N INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM in Colombia during April 29 - May 1, 2021, the Vice-President and Secretary General of INFOM, Professor Qing Li will gave a keynote lecture on Forest Medicine online. The site of the international symposium is as follows:

(Reported by Qing Li)
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Completion Report Walking Forest Therapy Roads® with a Doctor in 2016 operation year.

Completion Report Walking Forest Therapy Roads® with a Doctor in 2016 operation year.