Let’s go to Shinrin-Yoku/Forest Bathing

Last Updated:Mar 02, 2021

The following YouTube was taken in a park in Tokyo and introduced how to enjoy forest bathing and the health effects of forest bathing conducted by Dr. Qing Li.


Japanese version with English subtitles

Forest bathing is a health promotion method advocated in Japan in the 1980s. Anyone can enjoy it in wooded parks and forests whenever they want. Forest bathing has the effects of relieving stress, improving mood, and boosting immune function. Scientific evidence is revealed in. Would you like to know about forest bathing and try it? The comments on the effect of forest bathing in this video are based on the forest bathing research conducted by Dr. Qing Li for many years. If you would like to know more about forest bathing, please refer to Dr. Li's book "Forest Bathing" (published by Mamukai Books Gallery) as follows.

森林浴は、1980年代に日本で提唱された健康増進法です 誰でも、好きなときに、樹木の茂る公園や森林で楽しめます 森林浴には、ストレス解消や気分改善、免疫機能を強める効果があり 世界中で、エビデンス(科学的根拠)が明らかになっています あなたも、森林浴について知って、試してみませんか この映像内の森林浴効果に関するコメントは、李卿医師の長年にわたる森林浴研究のエビデンスに基づいています。 森林浴についてさらに詳しく知りたい方は、李卿著「森林浴」(まむかいブックスギャラリー刊)をご参照ください。

(Reported by Qing Li)
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