German documentary on Forest Medicine featuring Dr. Qing Li
Forest medicine - The power of trees

Last Updated:Feb 28, 2019

For us, the forest is no longer just usable space, but also a place of recreation. And doctors and scientists now recognize that the forest also has a medical effect.

Germany is one of the most forested countries in the EU. But many people have no close relationship with the forest trees. The knowledge about the positive effects of the green lung is very low.
To what extent a forest can relieve physical suffering was first scientifically studied at Nippon Medical School in Tokyo. In Japan, people traditionally maintain a close relationship to the forest. Forest air is considered a natural healing potion. In several large-scale studies, Dr. Qing Li, the medical doctor at Nippon Medical School Hospital in Tokyo found that a day in the forest can increase the number of our natural killer cells by almost 40 percent. So-called terpenes in the forest air evidently trigger the positive effect on the human organism. Li's research results make the forest walk more than a pastime.


You can find the document in detail from the following site:

(Reported by Qing Li)
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