“TIME”magazine, forest bathing-related feature articles(reported by Toshiya Ochiai)

Last Updated:Aug 05, 2016

The View Wellnes (P24 ~ 26) section in "TIME"magazine issue of July 25, 2016, had a special feature titled "The healing power of nature" which is about forest bathing (Writer: Alexandra Sifferlin)
Summary of the first page is as follows: The page starts from Introduction. In early 1980s, Forestry Agency of Japan recommended that walking in the forest is good for one’s health. This act was named a forest bathing or Shinrin-yoku. Reduction of stress was predicted with this act, but no attempt has been made to demonstrate. This led to open a lot of proof results about various beneficial changes in the body.

Initial research examples were introduced, which were investigated by Yoshifumi Miyazaki who is professor of Chiba University, a forest-therapy expert and researcher. By comparing people walked in the cedar forest for 40 minutes to people who walked in the laboratory room for 40 minutes, the cortisol concentration of people walked in the cedar forest was significantly depress.
Dr. Qing Li who is the another researcher, showed results of his experiment as follows: aromatic fragrances called phytoncide emitted by the trees and plants possibly bring the health promotion change by the inhalation in a similar way of aromatherapy. After walking or spending a night in the forest, results of blood test show improvement of immunity related to the anti-cancer-factors. The result of decreasing blood pressure was also obtained.

As above, introduction of the experiments by two members of INFOM were the main contents in this article, and the following remarks were introduced as end. "I was surprised. Because it was showed that people became physiological relaxed state by only spending a time in the forest,” said professor Miyazaki when the original experimental data of forest medicine were still not. And Li said “Quiet environment, beautiful scenery in the forest, good smell and fresh and clean air, these all affect the effects."

In the second and third page, six particular items were described as follows.

1. Natural environment can lower the blood pressure.
2. In the nature, there is a possibility of increasing awe.
3. Natural environment increases the anti-cancer cells.
4. The nature can improve the depression and anxiety state.
5. Natural environment may alleviate the symptoms of ADHD.

  (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
6. A part of the nature is also effective.

Furthermore, the related articles about 1.3.6 are in the links below. Those were written by the INFOM members and accepted globally (at July, 2016).

1.Natural environment can lower the blood pressure.

3.Natural environment increases the anti-cancer cell.

6. A part of the nature is also effective.

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