A message from Dr. Logan and Dr. Selhub to INFOM

Last Updated:May 03, 2012

Dear Colleagues,

Dr. Logan and Dr. Selhub have become the Board Member of INFOM from April 1, 2012.
I would like to welcome Dr. Logan and Dr. Selhub to the INFOM.
Dr. Logan and Dr. Selhub sent a message to the INFOM and I would like to put the message on our homepage.

Best wishes,
President of INFOM
Michiko Imai, MD, PhD
The Secretariat of INFOM

A message from our new Board Member, Dr. Logan and Dr. Selhub

Dear Drs Imai, Li and Colleagues

It is a tremendous honor for us to become part of the International Society of Nature and Forest Medicine Scientific Committee, and to support the advancement of the awareness and continued research of the medicinal aspects of nature within health sciences. We are humble in joining an elite team of investigators within the Committee, a group that has published ground-breaking original research documenting the ways in which nature and forest experience might influence endpoints ? markers that run on a massive continuum from acute stress physiology through to risk of mortality itself.
In 2011 we introduced the lecture “Vitamin G: The medicinal aspects of green space and ecotherapy” into the Revolutionary Practice of Mind-Body Medicine course at Harvard. This is a course offered twice annually to physicians, psychologists and other allied health professionals. The topic is extremely well received, and our experience shows that front-line clinicians are eager to learn more about the type of research conducted by and referenced through INFOM scientists. In addition, North American healthcare professionals show great interest in the practical application of nature experience, and in particular the unique Japanese programs of Forest Therapy Base/Road and Forest Therapist Credentialing. However, our experience also shows that discussions of nature and forest experience as a medicinal agent remain too far on the fringe, outside of mainstream medicine. As our global cities expand, as so-called “screen-time” displaces “green time”, as the predicted mental health crisis increasingly becomes a reality, the mission of INFOM becomes ever more important.
Once again, thank you for the opportunity to become part of the team. We look forward to strengthening the international collaboration and awareness efforts of INFOM.

Eva M. Selhub, M.D.
Alan C. Logan, N.D.

Please click the following site to read their new paper. This is an open-access paper and you can read at the full text.

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