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JAPAN : Yamanouchi Town Nagano

Yamanouchi Town Nagano

Therapy Roads above the clouds / "Tour around lakes glistening in green" / The primeval forests of Shiga Kogen.

Located in north-eastern Nagano Prefecture in the heart of Joshinetsu Highlands National Park (which stretches over three prefectures, Gunma, Niigata and Nagano), Shiga Kogen (Shiga Highlands) is the second largest highland area in Japan after Daisetsuzan National Park in Hokkaido. With towering mountains, primeval forests and clean sparkling lakes, it has an undulating terrain surrounded by high 2,000 meter mountain ranges rich in volcanic rocks such as green tuff, andesite, diorite and basalt, indicating the intensity of past volcanic activity. It is known as a "volcano museum".

In ages past, the volcanic activities of Mount Shiga, a symbol of the Park, created uneven landform. Over time, rain and snow accumulated in the valleys, creating more than 70 lakes and bogs, large and small. With over one thousand species of animals and plants in the area, visitors can relax and enjoy nature utilizing all of their five senses.

"General Shiga Kogen Hall 98" built at the time of Nagano Winter Olympic Games is a tourist information base, along with the adjoining information center of Shiga Kogen Tourist Association, the Prefecture Center for Nature Conservation and the Olympic and Para-Olympic Memorial Hall.

We also emphasize human resources development by taking advantage of the rich natural environment the area offers. Such activities include guided tours by Shiga Kogen Guide Association, the annual "Fresh Green Festival" and so on.

Location: Yamanouchi Town, Nagano Prefecture
Height above sea level: 1920 meters at the highest point; 1379 meters at the lowest point (difference of elevation: 541 meter)
Topography: Highlands
Weather: Mountainous climate
Forest: Natural forests of Oak, Birch and Beech
Typical wood species: White Birch, Erman's Birch (Dakekamba), Oak and Larch
Number of Roads 5

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