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Iinan Furusato no Mori (Iinan fascinationg forest)

Iinan Furusato no Mori (Iinan fascinationg forest)

Located in Shimane prefecture, along its border with Hiroshima prefecture, the Town of Iinan nestles in the highlands at an elevation of 450 meters. The sources of both the Hii and Kando Rivers are to be found in this region made famous by its long history of rice and vegetable production. With easy access to such a rich natural environment, the Town of Iinan's Forest Therapy programs offer a combination of nature, history and culture.

The Town of Iinan's Forest Therapy is based on a program centered on "the Town of Iinan Hometown Forest". The program includes walking under the guidance of Forest Therapy Guides, hot springs bathing and healthy eating options. All participants are also offered a general health assessment in order to encourage overall health awareness.

On arrival each participant is given a physical health check and also provided with a written psychological review. Based on these assessments, trained Forest Therapists then provide individualized walking and other activity plans.

Within the forest, a Forest Therapy Guide from the Town of Iinan is available to advise participants on their walking. Three standardized walking plans are provided: "Slow Walking", defined a walking at an unhurried pace, "Walking", characterized as walking a slightly difficult course, and "Plant Observation". "Slow Walking" is recommended for beginners who have no experience of forest walking.

Healthy meals are also considered a vital part of our Forest Therapy regime. The countryside and mountains that surround Iinan are a bountiful source of herbal medicinal foods, and so meals that utlilize these ingredients, including special meals for health maintenance and lunch boxes of edible wild plants, are be provided.

Eating meals made from such seasonally fresh food will allow the body to refresh and to become in tune with nature.

Only the Town of Iinan can provide this uniquely healthy eating experience where all five senses will be stimulated by these special meals.

The final part of the therapy, hot spring bathing, is made possible by the three large hot springs found in the Town of Iinan. With natural temperatures of around 38 to 40 degrees C, bathers are able to appreciate and benefit from the full effects of parasympathetic stimulation. For better healing effects, we recommend bathing in one of these hot springs after the every forest walk.

We believe the above demonstrates that the Town of Iinan can provide an environment of increased health consciousness and maximized healing effects by combing exercise, meals and hot spring bathing. Please come and visit us and enjoy your forest bathing.

Location: Iinan Shimane in Japan
Height above sea level: Highest point: 550 meters / Lowest point: 500 meters (Difference of 50 meters)
Topography: Plateau
Weather: Mountain climate
Forest: Japanese Cedar / Japanese Cypress
Typical wood species: Japanese Cedar / Japanese Cypress
Footpaths: 2. They are not barrier-free, and are not suitable for the physically challenged, the elderly or those in wheel-chairs.

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